Bible Study Aides

"Study to show yourself approved unto God ..." (2 Timothy 2:15)

The Bible is God's Holy Book! In it, He reveals His purpose, His character, and His plan for our salvation. His son Jesus Christ is revealed as the perfect example of the character each of us should strive for. The Bible is very clear that in order to gain salvation (to be saved), we must fully understand the purpose and nature of God, of Jesus Christ, and of ourselves.

But how can we do this? The Bible is so large; it can be intimidating; and some parts of it are hard to understand. What would really help is an easy-to-follow Bible reading aid. And for those who are ready to do some in-depth study of God's Word, a step-by-step study course.

The Christadelphians would like to offer to you the Bible study aides you have been looking for -- at absolutely no cost to you.

At present, we have sent out over 100,000 Bible Reading Planners and over 10,000 Bible Study Courses. Thousands of people have replied stating that the Planner and the Course have been the best study aides they have ever seen. To get your own Planner or to sign up for the Course, please click the button below.

Note: Within the United States and Canada, the Planner bookmarks and the Correspondence Course are normally sent through the postal service. If you would prefer to receive these items electronically, please email us. For all other countries, this course is available electronically only due to the high cost of postage.

If you have already been registered to access the course electronically, use this link to access the course.

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