Christadelphian Periodicals

The Christadelphians produce several monthly and quarterly periodicals in several languages to strengthen and comfort the brotherhood as the time of Christ's return approaches.

The Christadelphian
The monthly magazine, The Christadelphian, has been produced consistently since 1864. Originally published as The Ambassador of the Coming Age, the title was changed to The Christadelphian in 1869. The first editor was Robert Roberts (1864-1898), and since then there have been several more editors: Charles Walker (1898-1937), John Carter (1937-1963), Louis Sargent (1963-1969), and Alfred Nicholls (1969-1986). The present editor is Andrew Bramhill who is pleased to receive contributions of articles and letters for publication.

The Christadelphian Tidings of the Kingdom of God
The Christadelphian Tidings of the Kingdom of God is a monthly magazine printed in the United States. The present editor is Peter Hemingray.

The Bible Magazine
The Bible Magazine is a monthly magazine printed in Canada. The present editor is Paul Billington who is pleased to receive all comments, questions, and subscriptions requests.

The Glad Tidings Magazine
The Glad Tidings Magazine is a monthly magazine which is available throughout the world. PDF versions of the magazine can be downloaded, and a free six month subscription is offered.

The Testimony Magazine
The Testimony Magazine was established in 1931 as "a magazine for the study and defence of the Holy Scripture" and that remains its aim today. The magazine is divided into a number of sections: Exposition; Reviews; Exhortation; Watchman; Science; Principles, Preaching and Problems; Prophecy, History and Archaeology.

Faith Alive!
Faith Alive! is a young people's magazine which is produced three times a year by the office of The Christadelphian. To submit articles, letters, and notices, please contact the editor, Michael Owen.

The Christadelphian Advocate
The Christadelphian Advocate is a monthly periodical which began publishing in March 1885 in America, for the purpose of advocating the truth "concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ;" and also to be used as a medium of communication between Christadelphian bodies scattered throughout this continent. The Christadelphian Advocate Publishing Committee stands today as its founder, the late Thomas Williams stood, namely, upon the Scriptural basis set forth in the Bible which we believe to be the Word of God; and which is conveniently summarized in The Christadelphian Unamended Statement of Faith.

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