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The Apostles' Teaching and Fellowship - Peter Islip

This book originally appeared under the title "Built on the Rock" and is intended as a handbook on the First Principles of Bible Teaching.

An excellent book, clearly setting out the first principles of Bible teaching, with a wealth of Bible quotations covering every basic topic. A most useful handbook for both the preacher of, and searcher for, truth. Designed particularly for those engaged in preaching the truth.

217 pp. - paperback. - $6.00

The Bible and Islam - John Thorpe

This text covers the history and beliefs of Islam, the arguments used by Muslims to support their beliefs and to attack the Bible and Bible truth, and arguments that might be used to challenge and convince Moslems of the truth of the Bible. It is intended to be read by Christadelphians with an interest in declaring the truth to Muslims.

456 pp. - paperback. - $12.00

Bible Words - David Whitehouse

The same word can have two completely different meanings to different people, depending on their religious background. This book lists alphabetically a wide range of Bible words and explains them by the way they are used in the context of the Scriptures as a whole. Since the Bible is God's inspired Word and our only authoritative guide, a large number of Scripture references are given. The book also discusses words not found in the Bible but which are commonly used to explain Biblical concepts - whether rightly or wrongly.
Bible Words focuses on words which are frequently neglected or misunderstood, or whose meaning has changed over the centuries in relation to everyday speech. It is a reference book for those who would like to clear their minds of popular misconceptions and reach a better understanding of the Bible. It is also valuable as a teaching or preaching tool.

151 pp. - paperback. - $6.00

The Book of Job - E. M. Spongberg

This well loved exposition of Job is now available in a new edition with a complete scripture index and is one of the most complete expositions (section by section) of this often puzzling book.

159 pp. - paperback. - $6.00

Caution! God at Work - Tim Galbraith

"It is God which works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Phil 2:13). Are you conscious that God works in you? Are you prepared for the drastic changes that God will make when you submit yourself to His workmanship? What are the things you can expect from Him when you yield to Him? How will He work? What methods will He use? This book seeks to increase our awareness of God at work, to encourage us to yield to His will; and to provide Bible answers to these and other vital questions.

121 pp. - Paperback. - $4.00

The City of the Living God - Peter Schwartzkopff

Two thousand five hundred years ago the Jewish Prophet Ezekiel was given a wonderful vision of a temple dedicated to the worship of God. The Kingdom of God together with God's planned "House of Prayer for All Nations" will become a reality, at the coming of Christ. This book is a completely fresh look at this wonderful prophecy. The illustrated review of 'Ezekiel's Temple' prophecy attempts to given an accurate overview of every section of the prophecy. There is recognition that the modern reader gets impatient wading through hundreds of pages of heavy text. Consequently, these notes combine dot point notes with prose as well as over 36 full color photographs and many detailed drawings.

159 pp. - Paperback. - $14.00

Come and See! The Gospel of John Revisited - Nightingale

The central figure of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth. A clear understanding of who he was, and is, is vital to our personal salvation. John was inspired to write the fourth gospel so that we may know his Lord and Master, Jesus, the Son of God. John takes three primary lines of evidence as we are led to see the most wonderful person who has ever lived. This fascinating book explores three lines of evidence in the gospel; "The Exodus", "The Miracles", and "The Witnesses". Written in a very readable style, this book gives us a fresh look at this gospel written by the "disciple whom Jesus loved".

272 pp. - Paperback. - $9.00

Does God Exist? Science Says Yes! - Alan Hayward

Previously published as "God IS".
"We can well understand that Dr. Hayward found this an exceptionally difficult book to write, which makes us all the more grateful that he undertook the task. What is particularly inspiring is the fact that the author himself is a committed Christian, and therefore is able to unite his experience with his scientific knowledge. Many will turn with expectancy to the chapter, "Why Christianity?" and be fortified as they read the impressive and (for many of us) final arguments for the Christian revelation of the Almighty. It is a book which answers some (if not all) of the many questions young people are asking at the present time, and which will carry greater weight and authority when it is recognised that it is not written by a professional theologian, but by a scientist who is also one who himself fervently believes what he argues so cogently, for the benefit of others who may be faltering where they firmly trod". -- Marcus Beverly - "The Christian Herald"

221 pp. - Paperback. - $5.00

A Drama of Creation - Alan Fowler

The Genesis Record and the Fossil Record Contents: Introduction - The Problem and Proposed solutions.
Part 1 - The Genesis Record - Principles of Interpretation - The Language of Genesis - In Six Days the Lord Made - Drama in Scripture - A Drama of Creation? - Some Objections Considered - God's Time Records.
Part 2 - The Fossil Record - Interpreting the Fossil/Sequences and 'Missing Links' - Are the fossils a Reliable Guide to the Past? etc.
Part 3 - Resolution of Conflict - Evolution and Religion - God made them Male and Female.

121 pp. - 2nd edition enlarged size 14 x 21 cm - $6.00

Exploring Bible Language - Alan and Margaret Fowler

An excellent tool in helping the understanding and exposition of Scripture.
Part 1: Words - Extracting the Meaning - 'For ever' - 'In the image of God He created him' - 'The whole creation groans' - 'In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children' - 'The Word was made flesh' - 'By whom he made the worlds' - 'Son of God' - 'In my Father's house are many mansions' - 'Adultery' and 'fornication'.
Part 2: Figures of speech - Idiom - Metaphor - Metonymy - Irony - Concession - Hyperbole - Universalist Language - Personification - Ellipsis - Prolepsis.
Part 3: Style and Structure of Language - Prose and Poetry - Drama.
Part 4: Verb Forms - Conclusion - Index of Scripture Quotations - General Index.

218 pp. - Paperback - $7.00

The Fascination of Esther - Roy Standeven

A thorough study of the book of Esther.

249 pp. - Paperback - $7.00

First Epistle of John - Melva Purkis

"First Epistle of John is an extension of the Gospel of John. In it we are shown how the principles which govern the life of God's Son, and the power which transformed him, may become, by his grace, the principles and power of 'those whom his Father has given him'."
Bro. Melva Purkis originally wrote the 33 chapters of this book as papers for the CIL 1965-1982. Throughout the emphasis is on the example of our Lord and practical discipleship. Bro. Purkis writes in a clear readable style accessible to any age group. Particularly suitable as a gift, or for personal exhortation.

160 pp. - Paperback - $6.00

God's Truth - Alan Hayward

Sensitive to popular skepticism, yet objective in his appraisal of the facts, Alan Hayward has collected an impressive array of arguments drawn from Biblical and scientific sources to convince even the most doubting of the world's Thomases that the Bible is, indeed, God's truth!
First published in England, Hayward's work was critically acclaimed by research scientists, ministers, Christian workers, and lay people.

331pp. - Paperback - 12 x 18cm - Revised edition © 1973 reproduced in a clear type - $6.00

Jesus' Last Message - Rudolf Rijkeboer

The book of Revelation explained from the Bible.

A verse-by-verse exposition of the book of Revelation. First published in Dutch in 1986, this book was translated to English in 1998. Several clear charts and timelines are included.

245 pp. - Paperback. - $8.00

The Life of Jeremiah - Eunice Ormiston

This is the story of the Life of Jeremiah simply told, suitable for all ages. It tells of his efforts to preach as God instructed him and the reception he received from his neighbors and others. It was only his faith and the God in Whom he trusted that kept him going through many trials.

95 pp. - Paperback. - $7.00

A Mighty Flame - Mary Eyre

This is an edited collection of originally separate articles and short essays. More than half of these have previously appeared in the Caribbean Pioneer magazine, published in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and after 1998 in Canada and the USA. As Mary herself explains in Chapter 1, "In 1995 I was struck down with a very rare physically disabling disease. So I have spent the past nine years in seven different hospitals and seven nursing centres in five different countries, and for many precious months nursed at home by two lovely saints in Christ. A large part of Love in the Bible was written in Cayman Brac while under the care of a dedicated Christian physician Delroy Jefferson and the wonderfully caring people of that island. Some chapters were written under very trying circumstances while a patient in Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital in London". The last essay of Mary's in this collection was ELROY'S EYES OF LOVE, which was completed under great difficulties a few hours before her last brain seizure and six days before she fell asleep in the Lord on October 30 2004. This book has proved immensely popular. Color and B & W illustrations.

352 pp. - Paperback. - $10.00

Modern Medicine and the Bible - Alan Fowler

Sensible and sober advice and information on all areas where Medicine and the Bible connect.

Extract: "This book is founded on the premise that our bodies are optimally designed. It demonstrates how this concept has been vindicated by scientific medicine and builds a bridge between Bible teaching and modern science."

240 pp. - 14 x 21cm paperback. - $ 6.00

Names and Titles of the Deity - W. H. Boulton

This excellent little volume from W.H.Boulton is now reprinted after a lapse of 70 years. A very useful book which briefly (about 1 or 2 pages each) looks at every title and name of God. A most helpful, complete Scripture index of every occurrence of divine names and titles in the Old Testament.

196 pp. - Paperback. - $7.00

A New Creation - George Booker

A manual for Young Christadelphians, New Christadelphians, and Prospective Christadelphians.

Covers nearly fifty topics of interest to all, ranging from ecclesial meetings, head-coverings, marital matters, reading, prayer, dress, politics and preaching.

93 pp. - Paperback. - $4.00

Reformation - Harry Whittaker

A call for Christadelphians to refine and sharpen their faith.

151 pp. - Paperback. - $4.00

The Simple Truth - Gordon Pearson

An Outline of God's Plan for the Earth. This slim volume provides an excellent summary of Bible truth for "truth-seekers" as it traces through God's plan in the Bible, covering the gospel of God from the Garden of Eden, through the promises to Abraham and David, and their fulfillment in Christ, to our personal need for salvation and the kingdom of God.

40 pp. - Paperback. - $2.50

The Spiritual Jouney of Elihu, A Reflection - Tom McCarthy

There was a time in the ancient Near East when a debate between four men was held. It was intense and passions ran high as many avenues of thought on the relationship between God and man were discussed. The debate centred on one man, Job, who had at one time been very prosperous, and who had held a high position as counsellor and judge in his community before being reduced to total poverty, having suffered the loss of property and children and who had been stricken with a severe illness that was likely to end in death.

The venue for the debate was not auspicious or salubrious. It was the town tip where the residue of animal dung was taken to be burned. It was there that outcasts were wont to gather, and it was there that Job in his agony went to sit among the ashes. A young man, Elihu, entered the discussion uninvited, stating that he felt constrained to protest some of the things that he had heard. His biggest grievance was that in his view, God had been misrepresented, and somebody had to speak on his behalf. This Reflection is a fascinating look at Elihu's own spiritual journey, and his contribution to the debate.

68 pp. - Paperback. - $5.00

Tears are not Enough - Tom Forres

In September 2000, sixty one years after his family were expelled from Nazi Germany, Tom Forres and his wife, now resident in Australia, were invited by the Berlin Senate and the Jewish communities to visit the capital as their 'honoured guests', courtesy of the "German-Jewish Reconciliation Program". Since its inception, more than 35 years ago, thousands of former Jewish refugees have come from every corner of the world to revisit their former German home city and to experience for themselves the remarkable change that has taken place in the post-war German-Jewish relationship. "Tears Are Not Enough" is a tribute to the indomitable human spirit of both Jews and Gentiles - to the aged Jews who had the courage to return to their former homeland, there to relive their traumatic childhood, and to the German people who had the moral courage to face the truth about the Nazi Holocaust. "Tears Are Not Enough", is an in-depth appraisal of this unique German reconciliation initiative. As the author recalls his own childhood, the Program becomes the link between his past and the reality of the present. This lavishly illustrated book not only reveals the author's sincere empathy with the Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who suffered under the Nazi terror, but also brings to the reader's attention the German people's remarkable change of heart which today drives their resolve to keep permanently alive the unspeakable crimes committed by the Nazi government against the Jewish nation and other minorities. In "Tears Are Not Enough", the author reveals 'hidden aspects' of the German-Jewish initiative which he sees as the basis for a potentially wider application wherever organisations are faced with the difficult task of reconciling people of diverse cultures and ethnic background.

232 pp. - Paperback. - $10.00

That We May be One - Robert Prins

321 pp. - Paperback. - $9.00

Thinky Things - Robert Prins

Designed around a system of daily Bible readings, you'll read the entire Bible in twelve months alongside Robert's deceptively simple, yet personally challenging lessons from God's word.

443 pp. - Paperback. - $10.00

Thinky Things 2 - Robert Prins

Designed around a system of daily Bible readings, you'll read the entire Bible in twelve months alongside Robert's deceptively simple, yet personally challenging lessons from God's word.

431 pp. - Paperback. - $10.00

Twenty Essays in a Search for Truth - Alan Fowler

168 pp. - Paperback. - $6.00

The Warrior Tamed - Roy Standeven
An Exposition of the First and Second Books of Samuel.

Two companion volumes consider the whole of First and Second Samuel without resort to the verse by verse style. The Warrior Tamed is the second volume that concludes the story begun in The People's Choice. The exposition is a personal exploration of the life of David. No awkward questions are knowingly avoided. No prejudiced stances mar the understanding elucidated from the sacred narrative.

471 pp. - Paperback. - $11.00

The Way of Life - Rob Hyndman

A modern introductory textbook to Bible teaching. It covers the first principles of the gospel and how believers ought to live. Primarily intended to be used in a group environment encouraging interactive discussion, the chapters include class activities, discussion questions, homework and suggested further reading.

340 pp. - Paperback. - $10.00

A World Destroyed by Fire - John Allfree

An in-depth study of 2 Peter 3:10.

34 pp. - Paperback. - $2.00

Books by non-Christadelphian authors

The Devil Exposed - 1842 - Epps

Extract: "The authorship of this work is somewhat uncertain. It has been attributed to a Mr. Epps of London, a brother of Dr. Epps, of homeopathic and cocoa fame. It was published anonymously in 1842 under the title, "The Devil - an Expose". It remains one of the clearest expositions on the subject of the "devil" and "satan". The lectures were delivered to a metropolitan congregation and an application was made for their publication, hence their appearance".

148 pp. - Paperback. - $5.00

Last Thoughts on the Trinity - John Milton

Born in 1608, Milton rose over the next sixty-five years to become one of the most powerful pens that the world has ever seen. So feared was the power of his writings, that several of his books and essays were publicly burned, he himself was imprisoned, and his writings legislated against. When his pen turned to religious topics, and Bible exposition in particular, so afraid was the established Church that even those works published by royal decree more than one hundred and fifty years after his decease were banned and confiscated. Our own copy of the first edition of Milton's "De Doctrina Christiana" was for this reason sourced from North America, and a later edition from Europe. This volume "Last thoughts on the Trinity" was published in the 1820's as a separate volume, collated from the "De Doctrina Christiana" by the Royal Librarian of the time, Mr. Prebendary Sumner. Milton himself writes concerning his Biblical expositions: "Since God hath opened to every man the way to eternal salvation only through his own belief, and since he requires that he who would be saved should stand upon his own faith, I resolved, in matters of Religion, to rest on the faith or judgment of no man; but having drawn my belief from Divine Revelation alone, nothing being neglected which depended on my own industry, I determined to search out and settle each point of my religious belief, by the most careful perusal and meditation on the Scriptures of God themselves. In stating what has been profitable to myself, I have a respect to such as may come after me, whom I would invite to walk in the same path. In my youth I applied myself assiduously to the study of each Testament in its own tongue, at the same time going diligently through some shorter systems of divines; and after their example, I used myself to class under certain heads such passages of Scripture as I might extract, with a view to future examination." This volume is a powerful testimony to Milton's industrious study. It is now published, not primarily as an historical testament, but as a Biblical exposition that powerfully demonstrates the doctrine of the Trinity to be a non-Biblical teaching.

160 pp. - Hardback. - $11.00

Old Testament Problems - James W. Thirtle

Written about 100 years ago, this fascinating work has been given its title by the author, but in fact comprises three distinct sections within its pages. "The Songs of Degrees" comprises five chapters totalling 70 pages; "The Formation of the Psalter" totalling 80 pages; and "King Hezekiah in the book of Isaiah", being eight chapters totalling 130 pages. A 30 page epilogue draws together the threads of these 3 sections, before 20 pages of "Brief Notes on the Psalms" and an extensive subject and scripture passage index. James W Thirtle is a clear and respected expositor, and this reprint of the 1914 "Popular Edition" is a highly recommended read.

336 pp. - Paperback. - $7.00

The Prophecies of Daniel and The Apocalypse - Isaac Newton

Part - I: Observations on Daniel's Prophecies: - Introduction concerning the compilers of the Books of the Old Testament - Of the vision of the Image composed of four metals - Of the vision of the four Beasts - Of the ten Kingdoms represented by the ten horns of the fourth Beast - Of the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks - etc.
Part II: Observations upon the Apocalypse of St. John: - The time when the Apocalypse was written -The relation which the Apocalypse of John hath to the Book of the Law of Moses, and to the worship of God in the Temple - The relation which the Prophecy of John hath to those of Daniel and of the Subject of the Prophecy.

314 pp. - Paperback. - 12 x 18 cm. - Completely re-typeset according to the original edition. - $7.50

A Theological Miscellany - Isaac Newton

The material is all from Newton's pen, except, in a very few cases, where it has been thought necessary to add words to help the sense, in which case the additions are within square brackets [ ]. Roman numerals used in Biblical references have been replaced by those now in common usage to assist the modern reader. Material included is all from sources published over fifty years ago, and that have been with the present publishers for much of that time. Sections in this volume include: Irenicum, A Short Scheme of True Religion, Religion, Twelve Articles, Seven Statements on Religion, The Language of the Prophets, and excerpts from Newton's Common Place Book, and from the Yahuda manuscripts. This work clearly places Newton among the anti-trinitarian writers of his time, a brave stand when a law of 1648 in England brought the death penalty for those propagating anti-trinitarian views.

82 pp. - Hardback. - $10.00

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