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Available CMPA Pamphlets:
After Death - What?
Angels: God's Messengers
The Bible our Guide
Bible Prophecy: Convincing Proof the God Exists
Christ and Protest
Christ in the Old Testament
Christ is Coming: Bible Teaching about His Return
The Christian and Politics
The Crisis of the Cross of Christ
The Danger of Cults
The Disciple and Human Rights
The Divine Origin of the Bible
Do Christians Need Priests?
Do You Believe in a Devil?
Does God Hear Prayer?
Getting to Know God: What the Bible Reveals
Heaven and Hell
The Holy Spirit: Bible Understanding of God's Power
Hope for a Hopeless World
Israel - God's People, God's Land
Jesus - God the Son or Son of God?
The Kingdom of God on Earth: God's Plan for the World
The Middle East and Bible Prophecy
The Miracle of the Bible
One Bible - Many Churches ... Does it Matter What We Believe?
Raised to Judgement
Satanism and Christianity
Sunday and the Sabbath
Who are the Christadelphians?
Whose Land?
Why Baptism Really Matters: What must we do to be saved
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Women Priests?
Your Share in God's Promises

Available Printland Pamphlets:
The Bible - the Word of God
Christ is Coming Again
The Christadelphians
The Christian Life
God our Father
Introducing the Bible
Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Rich Man, Lazarus and Abraham
The Thief on the Cross
Tongues of Angels
Who is Jesus

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