The Name that is Above Every Name

Alfred Nicholls


This book is based upon a series of Editorial articles which appeared in The Christadelphian from October 1979 to June 1981. In it, an attempt is made to expound the majestic theme of the Name of God in as simple a manner as is consistent with the depth of the subject itself. The writer expresses the hope that present-day readers will feel the same sense of wonder and awe that was experienced by an earlier generation of Christadelphians when they first began to know the Name and to put their trust in the Lord God of Hosts.


1. Introductory
2. "God Almighty"
3. "The Lord of all the earth"
4. "Let the power of my Lord be great"
5. "Who am I, O Lord God?"
6. "Lord, the great and dreadful God"
7. "There Abram called on the name of the Lord"
8. "What is his name?"
9. "He is become my salvation"
10. "The glory of the Lord"
11. "Hear, O Israel . . ."
12. "The Lord of hosts is with us"
13. "By inheritance a more excellent name"
14. "At the name of Jesus"
15. "The first and the last"
16. "I am he"
17. "That God may be all in all"

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